Emergency/Incident Management

Emergency/Incident Management

Although a major goal of our QHSEMS is to avoid emergencies, being trained in emergency response can make all the difference in minimizing the effects of an emergency. Our HSE team is adequately trained in developing site specific emergency response plans and testing it to prepare the workgroup to respond various emergency situations.  These plans are periodically reviewed and where necessary, revised, particularly after periodical testing and after the occurrence of emergency situations

We have a system in place to record, investigate and analyze incidents in order to determine underlying HSE deficiencies and other factors that might be causing or contributing to the occurrence of incidents; identify the need for corrective/preventive actions; identify opportunities for continual improvement.

The investigation is performed in a timely manner and the result is communicated to interested parties.  It has also ensured that actions are initiated and completed for corrective and preventive measures and also confirmed for their effectiveness.

Effectiveness of these actions is ensured even before implementing these actions by conducting a risk assessment review process.

The results of the incident investigation are documented and communicated to the relevant parties including industry colleagues.