Communication Management

Communication Management

Management of each entities ensured that all concerned employees are:

  • Involved in the development and review of policies and procedures to manage quality, safety hazards and environment impacts.
  • Consulted where there is a change that affects product / service quality, environment impact and work place health and safety.
  • Represented on QHSE matters
  • Informed as to who is their nominated management representative

All above is achieved through personal meetings, information displays, management review meetings, internal / external audits, e-mail system, phone, fax etc and more specifically through daily / weekly safety meetings.

HSE meetings are held at regular intervals.  Extraordinary meetings are conducted in cases of severe accident or when an incident has occurred which could have lead to an accident.

Pre-job health and safety meetings, which are held at the beginning of a new job to discuss the task-specific hazards, identify hazard controls, work and emergency procedures, safety precautions, and other topics related to the job and are attended by employees, contractors, and subcontractors.

An effective system is in place for communicating with customers in relation to service/product information, enquiries, contracts, operations, safety, customer feed back and complaints.