Iraq North

Iraq North

Iraq was the world’s 13th largest oil producer in 2008, and has the world’s third largest proven petroleum reserves after Saudi Arabia and Canada. Just a fraction of Iraq’s known fields are in development, and Iraq may be one of the few places left where vast reserves, proven and unknown, have barely been exploited. Iraq’s energy sector is heavily based upon oil, with approximately 94 percent of its energy needs met with petroleum. According to the International Monetary Fund, crude oil export revenues represented over 75 percent of GDP and 86 percent of government revenues in 2008.

Operations and Facilities:

NPS offers its complete range or services in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, having a 10,000 square meters facilities located in Erbil. The Erbil operational base facility has 25 employees and is equipped with modern offices, Workshops, Cement Bulk Plant, Equipment preparation area and warehouses. The complete suite of services including:

  • Well Services
    • Cementing
    • Coiled Tubing
    • Stimulation
    • Nitrogen
    • Filtration
    • Pipeline
    • Laboratory Testing

  • Wireline Logging
    • Cased Hole Logging
    • Open Hole Logging
    • Perforation
    • Production Logging

  • Well Testing
    • MPFM
    • Well Production Testing
    • Well Head Maintenance
    • HPTT

  • Drilling & WO

  • Engineering Consulting

QHSE & Training:

NPS has state of the art training facilities in Erbil, aimed at the development and training of the local man power.NPS Management is dedicated to the recruitment of local talent and encourages local supplies. Iraq operations comply with NPS Group QHSE standards of ISO 9001:2008 for Quality, ISO 4001:2004 for environment and OHSAS18001:2007 for occupational heath and safety.


Manager: Mr. Mohammad Khasawneh
National Petroleum Services
Address: Office No 6, Italian Village,
Erbil, IRAQ
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.