National Petroleum Technology (NPT) is the logging subsidiary of NPS. NPS’s logging operations started with one of its major clients, Saudi Aramco in 1998 and still continues to operate to date. NPS’s large fleet of logging trucks, oshore units, logging tools and pressure control equipment, provides a wide variety of open hole and cased hole logging services to clients.


What We Offer

Cased Hole
  • Reservoir monitoring
    • Production logging services (Wire Line & Coiled Tubing conveyed)
    • MAPS – Production Logging Tool for horizontal wells
    • Pulsed Neutron (PNN)
  • Well Integrity Services
    • Cement Bond Log / Radial Bond Log
    • Multifinger Caliper
    • Electro Magnetic Thickness Tools
    • Thru Tubing Bridge Plugs
    • Plugs and Packers
  • Pipe Recovery Services
    • Non-Explosive Cutters
    • Non-Explosive Tubing Punchers
    • Mechanical Cutters
  • Perforation Services
    • TCP Perforation (Oriented)
    • Wireline Perforation
    • Coiled Tubing Perforation
  • Geoscience / Interpretation

Open Hole
  • Resistivity
    • Dual Laterlog
    • Array Induction Log
    • Micro Resistivity
  • Nuclear
    • Gamma Ray
    • Spectral Gamma Ray
    • Spectral Density
    • Compensated Neutron
  • Acoustic
    • Monopole Sonic Tools
    • Borehole Compensated Log
  • Borehole Geometry
    • XY Caliper

Wireline 1

Wireline 3