Production Testing & Clean up


NPS Four Phase Well Testing Separator is designed to separate and measure solids, Gas, Oil, and Water produced from a well. This separator can be used to cleanup new and worked over wells or after a stimulation treatment. It can also be used as a portable separator for long term tests.

Surface Well Testing

NPS integrated trailer mounted well-testing packages are designed to suit exploration and development well-testing and Acid Clean-up operations in HPHT and sour oil & gas fields.

Each unit is consisted of two trailers, Process trailer where the well’s effluent is processed and controlled, the Utility trailer, where the data is recorded and processed and to supply the process trailer with instrument air and power, this allows a high mobility and reduces the rigging up & down time with minimizes the risk’s exposure.

4-Phase Test Separators

The heart of this trailer is the new 4-phase test separator: Working Pressure: 1440 Psi and 2,100 psi @ 100 F.

Working Temperature: -20 F to 250 F.

With Acid resistant coating: Belzona Ceramic to resist high and low PH fluids during well clean out.