Pipeline Services

Pipeline Services

NPS provides pipeline services to Plants and Refineries.

What We Offer

  • Water Filling & Hydro testing-To test for any leaks, pressure is built up through water filling.

  • N2 De-cruding-To remove residue oil using N2.

  • N2 De-watering & Drying: Displacing P/Ls with N2 gas, to remove water after testing. This procedure
    also include heating up N2 Gas Temp, to the max. to remove moisture from inside the line till reaching the required dew point.

  • N2 Purging - Cutting/Welding :  Displacing P/Ls with N2 gas to remove Oxygen, to prevent corrosion & to fill the line with inert gas for Cutting / Welding operation.

  • N2 De-gassing : Displacing P/Ls with N2 gas, to remove gases (eg H2S).

  • Cooling Down piping / vessels system -To cool down system in plants,when they reach Max, Temp

  • Pressure Testing : N2 is more effective to find leaks in the ( gas lines, plants piping system & vessels ) before they put them back into operation.

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