Filtration is a key element to a cost-effective oil and gas field services; in drilling, work over and completion operations. Fluids which are not carefully sized can cause costly formation damage.

What We Offer

NPS provides filtration services to its clients to meet with their requirement, save additional cost of well stimulation and avoid related operational problems due to non-filtered fluids especially across the pay zone.

On a typical job, NPS would provide its two stages, skid mounted, easy to handle filtration vessels. A primary and a secondary filtration stage are usually carried out together. In the primary filtration stage the fluid is cleaned from debris and bigger solid particles using 200 to 50 Meshes. Using the primary stage reduces cost and time spent by saving the secondary stage cartridges from plugging so often. As the fluid exits the primary stage it enters the secondary filtration stage where it is cleaned to the desired size of solid particles 20 to 2 micron cartridges. Size of mesh or cartridge is always discussed between NPS and client engineers for optimum results and cost-efficiency. Both meshes and cartridges could be replaced during the job whenever plugged. Number of sets required depends on the cleanliness of fluid and volume to be filtered.

NPS has filtered thousands of barrels on rig sites for reduced damage drilling as well as for UBD (Under Balanced Drilling) operations. The fluid filtered is stored in closed clean frac tanks until it is used; therefore NPS provides as required frac tanks as well as pumping units if necessary.

   Filtration 1

   Filtration 2