Do you want to develop hands-on learning experience and translate theory into practice? NPS is the place of choice!

With the development of economics and globalization, exposure to international business and culture is becoming a necessity for college graduates entering the job market. At NPS, we provide you with right tools to ‘test drive’ the different career opportunities in your field.

What do you gain as an NPS intern?

  • Specific knowledge on the oil & gas services industry.
  • Real work experience and professional competence development.
  • specific skills from a pool of talented people who are eager to mentor you.
  • Develop values and confidence, assertiveness and decision making abilities.
  • Problem solving, team work, interpersonal skills, networking and presentation skills as well as products, company and career knowledge.
  • Witness class room theories and principals being applied in real work situations.
  • Exciting personal and professional growth and development that will help build your resume to increase your market ability.

If you strive to be a leader and develop your career at an early stage, then we want to talk to you.